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Go to food in Singapore

August 28, 2019

I first visited Singapore in November 2016, I did not enjoy that much because I got sick. This year (2019), I was able to visit 3 times already. As of this writing, I was able to try different dishes that became my go-to whenever I visit the country.

Minced Meat Pork Noodle is a Singaporean dish with noodles, pork, mushroom, and fish balls. If you are gonna eat this at Red Hill try their water chestnut or lime juice too.

Nando’s at Bugis Junction

Nando’s is a famous restaurant in SG too because of its tasty chicken and choice of sauces. You can locate this in Change Airport or at Bugis Junction.

Fried Mars Balls at Chippy in Plaza Singapura

Chippy is a small stall at Plaza Singapura beside Red Hill where you can eat a Minced Meat Noodle. The Fried Mars Balls are my go-to dessert in SG because its a fried chocolate ball with vanilla ice cream. It goes with 4 pieces or 8 pieces. If you are a chocolate and vanilla ice cream lover, you must try this!

Milk Tea is life, there are a lot of different stalls in SG but my favorites are Koi and Liho Tea. If you’re gonna ask me which do I prefer, I would definitely answer both. But, it depends on what kind of tea are you gonna order. If you just like plain boba or milk tea, then go for Koi. In case you are into fruitea’s or brown sugar, then Liho is for you.

Hawker finds: Carrot Cake but is really radish, cereal prawns, prawns on the stick, salted egg shrimps, salted egg crab, stingray, and satay – bite-size morsels of grilled meat. You can eat at either Makansutra or Lau Pa Sat.

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