What’s new Boracay?

August 29, 2019

I’ve been to Boracay twice after the rehabilitation. I would say it’s cleaner now. Almost all the establishments you used to go to are still there. Those who were not able to comply with the requirements during the rehabilitation were closed. However, there are new hotels and stores too in Station X.

If you are planning to go to Boracay, there are two airports for your point of entry.

  • Kalibo Airport
  • Caticlan Airport

You can book your flights through Philippine Airlines, AirAsia, and Cebu Pacific. Regardless of which airline, you also need to avail your land transfers inside or outside Kalibo and Caticlan airport. The round trip price range is from 1,400 to 1,600 pesos per person (roughly 30usd) for a hassle-free ride going to your hotel depending on which airport you are coming from. Normally, you can get discounts if you are in a group like 5 persons and above. DIY options are also available in the area.

  1. From Kalibo Airport (2 to 3 hours)
    • Land transfer from KALIBO AIRPORT to Caticlan Jetty Port
    • Boat transfer from Caticlan Jetty Port to Cagban Port
    • Land transfer from Cagban Port to Hotel/Resort in Boracay or vice versa
  2. From Caticlan Airport (1 hour)
    • Land transfer from CATICLAN AIRPORT to Caticlan Jetty Port
    • Boat transfer from Caticlan Jetty Port to Cagban Port
    • Land transfer from Cagban Port to Hotel/Resort in Boracay or vice versa

I would personally recommend booking your land and sea transfers with Southwest Travel and Tours. They have very accommodating staff and comfy vehicles. The same rate applies if you are booking online or at the airport.

REMINDER!!! Before your actual flight, you must have a confirmed booking from your hotel/place of choice. This is one of the new policy because you can no longer just go to Boracay without a voucher from your place of choice. The voucher is being checked before you enter the port.

In our first visit (March 2019), we stayed at the Tides Hotel in D’Mall, Station 2. The place was very accessible to everything you need:

  • Restaurants
  • Fast-food chain
  • Budget mart/convenient store
  • Pharmacy
  • Spa/massage
  • E-tricycle pick and drop off points

We had this room for two with a tub because who does not want to dig into a tub after a day at the beach? right? haha!

On our second visit (August 2019), we stayed at Sur Beach at Station 1. I didn’t have the chance to take a photo for the reason I do not know as well HAHA! But it was a Superior Room with a small balcony to hang your clothes or as a smoking area.

Tides hotel is walking distance to the beach while Sur is beachfront. I like Sur better because it’s calmer in the area, lesser people, they have cabanas, and happy hour is from 11am to 12midnight. But it depends on your personal preference where to stay.

You can go around Boracay by merely walking on the beach or e-tricycles and food is everywhere in case you get hungry.

Here is our budget allocation per person:

  • RT Flight: PHP 5,000
  • Two-way door to door transfer: PHP 1,400
  • 4days and 3nights food, drinks, and other expenses: PHP 5,000

Comment below if you have questions or anything you want to say! hihi

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