Food discovery through WordCamps in the Philippines

September 1, 2019

Since College, I am already attending WordCamp because my classmate introduced it to me. When I graduated, I became active in the tech community and started volunteering and organizing events for students and professional. The community grew as we now have chapters in Cebu, Iloilo, and Davao. I am documenting here the food I discovered through WordCamp!

Let’s start with WordCamp Iloilo one of the biggest numbers of attendees I’ve been too. If I will be back there, I will spend at least 2 days just for eating their local food.

Next stop, WordCamp Cebu. I’ve been to Cebu a couple of time, usually for work. That means I travel alone. In this case, I am with my fellow WPUGPH family so it’s happier.

Lastly, WordCamp Davao. There will always be a special place in my heart for Davao, because of their Suha or Pomelo.

Through WordCamp in the Philippines, I was able to eat a lot HAHA and discover new dishes that I never tried before.

Comment below if you have questions or anything you want to say! hihi

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