Everyday, we’re fighting!

February 13, 2021

On behalf of our family, we would like to thank everyone who helped us and continue helping us in this fight. May God Bless us all!


  • Feb 16 – Tatay has been intubated due to difficulty in breathing.
  • Feb 18 – Day 8th in ICU/Stroke, 2nd day of intubation.
  • Feb 28 – Tatay’s (scheduled) extubation day. We are hoping and praying that he overcomes this stage so that we can be with him in the wardroom already.
    • However, they extended it to 2 days more due to monitoring.
  • March 15 – Outstanding balance 700k without doctor’s fee.
    • PF estimated at 500k more or less.
  • March 16 – We were able to check out of the hospital with a total of 2.2M bill.
    • 1.2M – we were able to pay through our savings and gathered donations.
    • 1M – we borrowed from our relatives and friends.

Full story……

I am Kit Valmadrid, the number 1 supporter of our family. My father is a farmer and my mother is a full-time housewife. Since I graduated from UST’s scholarship program I always make it a point to attend to all our needs. I’m just human, I’m not perfect, and as much as I wanted to provide everything for our family, I can’t. 😔

Last February 10, 2021, while celebrating the birthday of Miguel, my nephew, Tatay was seen as unusual. Here is the timeline:

  • Nanay noticed that there was something wrong with Tatay around 730 PM. Luckily, there was a nurse in the family to assess the severity of the situation, they called an ambulance to bring Tatay to Manila right away.
  • Around 8 PM the ambulance was able to bring him from San Ildefonso, Bulacan to QC.
    • He was supposed to be brought to UST Hospital, since I am living here in Manila, we rushed there and confirmed if the CT Scan facility is working… and it is NOT working. This is because I called my friend beforehand to get the SOP when going to the ER. I mentioned that Tatay might be in stroke. Hence the reroute from UST to QC.
  • By 9 PM Tatay was admitted to the emergency room. Luckily upon arriving in QC he was treated with the utmost care and the necessary triage was given to him.
  • 12:30 PM Tatay needs to be swabbed for Covid-19 before being admitted. It is part of the policy for the hospital to identify which ICU Tatay will be staying. Good Lord, the swab result was negative.
  • On Feb 11, 2021, in the morning, Tatay was admitted to the NCCU.

Tatay needs to be confined in the Neurocritical Care Unit to monitor his condition. As of this writing (February 13, 2021), there is no definite answer on until when he will be staying in the ICU. Day by day we are visiting and getting updates from the Doctor. There has been NO significant progress yet as his BP continues to be very unstable.

Prior to the admission, we cannot decide whether we will be transferring him to another hospital or we will be just staying and carry on the risks of bills payment later on. I really don’t know! Nanay is still shocked! What will I do? Time is ticking!

As the eldest daughter, my primary goal right now is to save the life of my father whether it will cost me and I stuck into that. What’s important is for him to be OK.

I’ve shared here the estimated bill for 5 days without the other hospital and the Doctor’s fee:

The bill can get bigger if he does not recover. We know that everyone is struggling since the pandemic but I am knocking on your humble abodes to include Tatay in your prayers (Emmanuel Valmadrid) for his fast recovery. We just want him to heal and be with us at this point in time.

We know Tatay is strong, he is fighting, he knows we are all here for him praying and loving him unconditionally.

We are actually documenting his daily progress through this document. In line with that, we are also raising funds to support our hospital bills. My full-time job, part-time work, and other “rakets” (sidelines) won’t be enough. I know even our savings might tear apart.

Financial assistance can be coursed through the following channels:

  • GCASH – Marikit Valmadrid
    • 09175161442
    • 09175885017
  • Paypal
  • BPI – Marikit Valmadrid
    • BPI Savings 0459087087

We truly appreciate your prayers, love, kindness, and support. God bless.


Nanay, Kit, Yumi, Miguel, and Gabby

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